Here are some people who support us and we can help you find the way to them. We can arrange an appointement for you, all locations are in short proximity to our hotel:

    Jürgen Kilb (KILB Potentialberatung) (potential consultation KILB) developeement of own core competences, the motivation to the independent learning and work, as well as the mobilisation of own resources and linked up thinking and action are important bases to move strategies for success. In our seminars and Coachings we deal with basic strategies and methods for a systematic action in phases of the fresh start, a re-orientation or change in thinking. They will help you gain assistance in situations like building independence, professional and private changes and moving self-determined thinking oriented to aim and action. The main focuses lie in the area of Communication, open air of violence communication, described by Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, the creation of the professional career, as well as aim and vision development. In close cooperation with my wife, Kornelia Kilb, we look at subjects, like internal attention, calmness, physical and mental health, which are not only important aspects of the private life, but also successful factors in the enterprise area. Detailed information at: .

    Kornelia Kilb (Polarity Institut Frankfurt) (Polarity Institute of Frankfurt) physiotherapist in the complementary-medical field. Polarity and biodynamic therapy. Her aim is to support people in the selfhealing process, in the precaution and rehabilitation and also with chronic discomfort. The practise offer includes: Polarity-and Craniosacraltherapy, internal attention, meditation, food & cleansing treatment, Polarity yoga, Polarity education, advanced trainings and continuing education. We invite you warmly to investigate the wide spectrum of these methods oriented self-healing. The diversity of Polarity and the Cranio work makes it easy to find something for yourself and allows us to us to  act more for ourselves and our health. We can achive it by the attention exercises which calm our mind, vitalize by  movements, which calm us and are relaxing, givesus more life energy or by the specific whole body treatments which investigate blockades in our system and activate our selfhealing proces. It is easier than you may think.
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    Gabriele Iris Jantke (Ganzheitliche Farbberatung) (Comprehensive colour consultation) colour consultation after the INDIGO-Konzept, developed by Karin Hunkel: The method of the "comprehensive colour consultation" analyses not only your colour type, but also which colours you lack and which you need.

    Caytana L. Hrachowy (schön&gut, ganzheitliche Kosmetik)    
    (comprehensive cosmetics) Skin and soul are connected inseparably with each other. This truth is reflected itself in the colloquial language in words like "to itself in his skin feel fine".

    Cosmetics means for me even more than "surface polish", because skin states always point to needs of the body and the soul. Unfortunately, we forget ,with our filled diaries,  about this connection very fast and surprise us when our skin shows it. Besides, we can be grateful that our skin serves us as an indicator and points out us to the fact that something does not fit in our life.
    I would want to make your skin to feel good during and directly after the treatment. I want your sking to come back „on the track“, to make youre skin and yourself feel better. Everything  you do to yourselves has an impact on your skin.
    To spoil body and soul, I use high-quality remedial plant products from a small, fine Bavarian manufacture which makes its product with the philosophy of Pharmos nature. The products of Pharmos nature are  eco certificated, no Parabene, PEGs, citric acids or chemically cleaned water. Gist materials of the finely ingenious compositions are a highly qualitative aloe Vera gel and valuable vegetable oils and plant essences (
    I renounce with my uses deliberately the use of apparativer cosmetics, because the word "Treatment" has to do his original sense kept hands which touch carefully.
    Does it sound tempting? I am glad to get to know you!
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