We are happy that you have found us here

and we welcome you from the bottom of our hearts.







We means, Andrea Maria Schollmayer and Detlef Adams-Schollmayer,

we are hotel owners and managers in the second generation and we know what we are takling about, what we do and what we would like to create for our guests and for us.

So what is important for us?

First of all naturally YOU but meanwhile we think we are important, too. We like you to feel comfortable together with us here, that you enjoy your time and that you are wishing to come back. This is our aim and our deepest wish. All of us have to earn money, but we are always trying to have joy, to love what we are doing and that all of you can feel this.

We cannot pick clouds from heaven but we can open our hearts and we can make your stay in Frankfurt, Rhein-Main and the environments as comfortable as possible.

We are a rather small hotel, using every centimeter to serve as good as we can. We play with colours, forms and decorations and a lot of people can feel the love within all the details.

We have short distances, meaning every guest will meet one of us either in the morning or in the evening, we have communicate with all our employees, we see all and everything and we can act immediately.

We are yin and yang. Detlef Adams-Schollmayer is taking care of all the delicious food, the reservations, technique and the changes within. Just now you can watch 29 SKY channels for free, a lot of them in HD quality. We offer 129 TV programs in different languages and 77 radio channels.

And me, Andrea Maria Schollmayer, I take care of the wellbeing of the souls in this house. It is the matter of my heart to support people on all levels. Therefore I am studying since 13 years body therapies and energy work. Meanwhile I can offer support and healing on all levels (body, mind and soul).

Guests who know us well sometimes say smilingly: "I am feeling like I am at home." Yes, that is how you can experience us. We are close, we are contactable, authentic, human, open and sometimes very busy like all of us. We like to laugh and to have fun and we always try to focus on the good and wonderful things in our life and surroundings.

And we love if guests are leaving with a happy smile on their faces.

Do you like this? Than contact us, say hallo or send an email.

We look forward to see you.





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